Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

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Are you looking for the latest cool toy to gift your kid, brother or nephew? Look no further, because the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster is exactly what you need.

It’s true that kids these days are more attracted to gadgets and digital toys. However they need something real, something to make them active, consume their energy and have some actual fun.

They need something that actually allows them to play with their friends, and not in the multi-player version. You can now buy the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster gun, which is now available in shops all over, both offline and online.

Needless to say, this amazing gun toy is popular among adults as well. It is a brilliant target firing toy, perfect for playing with your buddies in a competitive, but friendly way.


Many Nerf pistols and small Nerf guns were launched on the market, and if we take a look at the Nerf gun reviews on the internet, it seems like kids and adults are equally crazy about them.

Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster – The Best Nerf Gun

The Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm is the latest and most powerful Nerf gun produced in the N- Strike Elite gun series, released in 2013.

This model of the Nerf blasters series doesn’t rotate on a trigger pull, but instead rotates on the plunger return. When it comes to Nerf toys, this awesome Nerf StrongArm is by far the best buy.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster is the newest version and successor of the 2005 N-Strike Maverick REV-6. This Nerf strike gun has a barrel that can hold six darts in front of it and has a short rifled muzzle attached.

You will also get six Nerf elite darts with it and a short tactical rail located above the barrel of the blaster. This Nerf N-Strike gun’s cylinder flips out completely so that it can be quickly reloaded.

Here are the features of the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster:

  • It can fire darts up to 75 feet
  • When you hold the trigger down for quick firing you can slam and pump the Fire slide continuously
  • The rotating barrel can be flipped open for easy loading of darts
  • The Nerf darts or Nerf elite darts will work in most N-Strike blasters and Elite blasters (they can also be purchased separately
  • The blaster is included as a package deal with the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster, besides the instruction manual and six elite darts.


New features that will make the Nerf war more fun

The Nerf StrongArm is probably the perfect toy sidearm that you can buy today. It is one of the best among the top 10 Nerf guns in the market.

Its firing range is quite amazing, between 55 feet to 65 or 75 feet. It is conveniently designed for quick reloading of the darts or Nerf bullets and the wrist area cylinder slam flick can be pulled off quite easily.

The accuracy of shooting with this Nerf blaster depends on the condition of the darts being used, just like in the case of any other Nerf pistol or Nerf blaster. The tactical rail is available for those who like to collect Nerf accessories.

One of the most amazing Nerf N-Strike StrongArm Blaster features is probably the slam fire, which lifts this Nerf blaster to a whole other level, above all Nerf guns we saw until now.

This unique feature enables the shooter to spray the targets faster, with a greater accuracy and precision. More than that, this blaster will never jam.

It is a great gadget for team warfare games at parties and company team events. This product also makes a wonderful birthday gift for kids as it’s everything he needs for a good time. It’s not only for the boys, since a lot of girls are also enjoying the kind of fun offered by a Nerf gun toy.

Its size is just right for kids to handle, and even though it is designed for ages eight and above, a lot of younger kids can play with it. However, younger children should only play with this Nerf gun under the supervision of the parents.

The Pros and Cons of the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster

Like any product in the market the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the reasons for and against this magnificent toy.


  • The good ammo count of six darts will let you shood more without having to stop and pick up so you don’t have to keep picking them up.
  • This Nerf blaster gives you good mobility and excellent speed as you are firing.
  • It has a great range of shooting between 55 to 75 feet allowing you to aim and hit your target much better.
  • The barrel of the blaster flips out so it is easier to reload darts.
  • It has a good average size and is more manageable compared to the Maverick.
  • The darts hardly ever get jammed in the blaster.


  • If you use a dart with a worn out stem the blaster may misfire. This may happen because the darts have been in the blaster’s chamber for a long time and without friction the dart loses velocity and just dribbles out instead.
  • If the darts don’t fire with complete power they begin to spin and spiral in the air. This will reduce the accuracy of firing over long ranges.
  • The clicking sounds that are made when the barrel is rotated can be annoying and undesirable. The barrel locking mechanism is not as silent and smooth as that of the Maverick.
  • Although the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster has an excellent overall design when compared to the Maverick, it does have some new minor issues.
Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster – Conclusion

This gun doesn`t need any special occasion to buy it, such as a birthday or Christmas for example. If you`re thinking of buying it for yourself, a friend or for your kids, one thing is certain, everyone will love this amazing toy. See real customer`s opinions about this toy on our Nerf N-Strike StrongArm Blaster Reviews page here.

It’s time to stop losing our time on Tablets or Smartphones and start playing with activity based toys such as the Nerf N-Strike Elite StrongArm Blaster, like we used to back in the day. Click the link below to order this amazing new gun from Nerf and get SUPER FAST DELIVERY TODAY!


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